Keuring mazouttank Andenne

Keuring Mazouttank Andenne: All You Need to Know

As a homeowner or a business owner, ensuring the safety and the longevity of your fuel tank should be a top priority. A fuel tank that’s in good condition ensures the safe storage of your fuel, reduces the risk of leaks, and protects your property. Therefore, it’s essential to get your fuel tank inspected and undergo a keuring (inspection) every once in a while. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about a keuring mazouttank in Andenne, including the certification process, why it’s necessary, how often it’s required, costs, and more.

What is a Keuring Mazouttank?

A keuring mazouttank is a tank inspection that’s required by the government to ensure that your fuel tank hasn’t deteriorated over time, is functioning correctly and is safe to operate. The goal of the inspection is to prevent oil leaks, water contamination, or other issues that could cause harm to the environment, a property, or individuals.

Why is a Keuring Mazouttank Necessary?

A keuring mazouttank is essential for several reasons:

1. It’s required by law – Failing to undergo a keuring could result in fines or even the removal of your fuel tank.

2. Safety – Ensuring that your fuel tank is in good condition to prevent potential environmental hazards, as well as fire or explosion risks.

3. Property Protection – A fuel leak or contamination can be costly and damaging to your property.

4. Environmental Health – Protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, and getting a keuring mazouttank helps prevent oil spills and other harmful incidents.

How Often is a Keuring Mazouttank Required?

The frequency of keuring mazouttank inspections depends on several factors:

1. The size of your fuel tank
2. The type of pump system you have
3. Whether or not your tank has an overfill alarm system

As a general rule, above-ground tanks require a keuring every five years, while underground tanks require more frequent inspections, typically every three years. However, it’s essential to contact a certified inspector to determine when you’re due for your next inspection.

Who Can Perform a Keuring Mazouttank?

Only certified professionals can perform a keuring mazouttank. In Wallonia, the Brussels-Capital Region, and the German-speaking community in Belgium, you can hire an approved inspection organization that’s been licensed by the government authorities.

What Happens During a Keuring Mazouttank?

During a keuring mazouttank, an inspector will perform various tests to ensure your tank is safe to operate. The inspection includes:

1. Visual inspection – Inspectors will look for signs of damage, rust, and corrosion.

2. Functionality Test – Inspectors will test the tank’s venting and gauge systems to ensure that they’re working correctly.

3. Environmental Test – Inspectors will perform soil tests and water samples to determine if any contamination has occurred.

4. Overfill Protection – Inspectors will check that the tank’s overfill protection system is operational.

How Much Does a Keuring Mazouttank Cost?

The cost of a keuring mazouttank varies depending on the size of your tank and the type of inspection required. As a general rule, the larger the tank, the more expensive the keuring mazouttank will be. A comprehensive inspection may cost several hundred euros. However, it’s important to remember that neglecting to get your tank inspected can lead to significantly more expensive repairs or fines.


1. Can I perform a keuring mazouttank myself?

No, only certified professionals can perform a keuring mazouttank.

2. What happens if my tank fails the inspection?

If your tank fails the inspection, repairs will need to be made to bring it up to code.

3. What if I fail to get a keuring mazouttank?

Failing to get a keuring mazouttank can result in fines or even the removal of your fuel tank.

4. Can I use my fuel tank while waiting for a keuring mazouttank?

Yes, you can use your fuel tank while waiting for your inspection.

5. How long does a keuring mazouttank take?

The length of a keuring mazouttank depends on the size and type of inspection required.


Getting a keuring mazouttank is essential for the safety of your property, your fuel tank, and the environment. It’s required by law, and failure to get a keuring can result in significant fines, removal of your fuel tank, or other damages. Working with a certified, licensed inspector ensures that you’re compliant with the law and that your fuel tank is in excellent condition. Contact a professional inspector today to schedule your next keuring mazouttank in Andenne.